Eryndor Belegarth

See the Faces Behind the Fights

History of the Realm

From Megamarth to Moon Lasers

Chapter Units

The Heart and Soul of Eryndor

Eryndor is a chapter of Belegarth situated in Michigan and northwest Ohio. Eryndor started over 2002 years ago with only 5 members and since then has grown to a chapter of over 200 members and several distinct units. Eryndor is open-minded and very welcoming as a chapter — anyone who wants to join is welcome. Eryndor’s storyline started on The Continent, a large and varied place that can accommodate nearly any type of character. Common character archetypes include disenfranchised Elves, crusaders from the ravaged Everledden forest, disciplined Hithdorian soldiers, vikings from the frigid isle of Dugar, desert warriors, amoral pirates, disciples of the death druid Raak, and followers of Maegamarth. Of course, that list isn’t even close to being exhaustive — most character concepts can easily be integrated into the existing storyline. Old storyline was focused on Maegamarth, an evil sorcerer who tried to reclaim his fearsome powers, and the forces of good allied against him.  Now the realm is working to rebuild their homes and explore new territory.

Units now bear much of the responsibility the chapter had: they manage their members, handle their own treasuries, and run practices and events. The chapter is now run by a group of officials elected by the unit leaders for a single year term. This divides the administrative burden between units and the officials, making things easier for the future growth of Eryndor.