This page has tutorials and information on making the basic gear you'll need in Dagorhir. Be sure to check out the stencils at the bottom of the page for Eryndor templates.

As a fledgling chapter ourselves, we at Eryndor know just how frustrating it can be to make Dagorhir weapons for the first time. In response to this dilemma, Eryndor is creating interactive Flash instructional videos that visually show all the steps of proper weapons building.

Finally, all of these documents are totally free for distribution. Save it to disk and hand it to new members, host this presentation on YOUR website if you wish. All we ask is that Eryndor is attributed for our efforts (with a hyperlink when appropriate), that the document is left in an unaltered state, and the file is ALWAYS distributed free of charge.

Eryndor Weapon Building Tutorials
Blue Swords 101 (8-13-2006)Watch the Tutorial

Notes: This blue sword tutorial is definitely an old-school design that Eryndor has modified since then. If you are a new chapter and are clueless about blue sword design, this is the resource for you. However, if you are a slightly more advanced user, we recommend you make the following adjustments to the tutorial:

1. When finishing the pommel, wrap duct tape from the core (handle) over the bottom of the pommel back up to the core several different times at angles. This reinforces the pommel to the core.

2. This tutorial was made before Dagorhir instituted a 12 ounce weight minimum. Be sure to make your blade long enough to meet the 12 ounce minimum.

3. Make the cloth cover go over the entire length of the sword blade, down to the hand grip, then cinch it with duct tape.

4. Since many inexperienced weapon checkers 'dig' into the tip of the flat blade, which ruins the sword, we recommend you put an extra blue foam 'cap' on both sides of the tips of the flat of the blade.

Blue Swords 201 (12-27-2004)Download the Tutorial (247 kb)
For the more advanced Dagorhir foamsmiths, check out this one-page PDF tutorial about crafting a long-lasting blue sword with top-of-the-line materials.
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Teaching Basic Blue Sword Construction - Instructor's Supplemental Materials (6-29-2005)Download the Support Material (40 kb)

This tutorial is NOT meant for new foamsmiths, instead it is intended to be used as support material for those more experienced foamsmiths who wish to INSTRUCT a group of new foamsmiths how to properly make the blade and pommel of a basic blue sword. This document was the support file used by Eryndor when it taught the VERY successful Interactive Basic Blue Sword class for the Ragnarok University XX. We pre-cut the foam pieces and labeled them with the proper code (see upper right of the document) so that the new foamsmiths only had to Dap and attach the pieces together. Again, this document is best suited to be used only when a skilled teacher is leading a group of new foamsmiths.

If you have any questions regarding how to teach a group of new foamsmiths, don't hesitate to contact Athron.

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Spears 210 (8-4-2006)Download the Tutorial (42 kb)

The spear tutorial uses the hollow fiberglass poles from You will also need quality open cell foam like that found at If you purchase at the quantity discount, a quality 8-9 ft. spear will cost you only about $16 bucks... that's a fantastic price.

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Arrows 301 (3-27-2005)Download the Tutorial (270 kb)

This arrow tutorial was originally described to Eryndor by Zagref (thanks!). The tutorial requires the use of Unifoam and EVAlite foam from McMaster. As of the listed date of this tutorial, the product codes are as follows:

3/8" Evalite Sheet - 86095K23 - $21.86 per sheet

1/2" Evalite Sheet - 86095K24 - $25.86 per sheet

2" Unifoam Sheet - 85735K66 - $16.80

You can make 80+ arrows with the foam plus leftovers.

You don't have to use the 3/8" Evalite if you want to save money. You can use blue foam instead and it serves as a suitable alternative.

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Javelin Design 351 (7-10-2006)Download the Tutorial (41 kb)
This is the javelin tutorial for the Eryndor "Fugly Sticks" that debuted at Ragnarok XX. Many of these javelins survived 2 Ragnaroks and a whole year of use without a single repair! If you are looking for a long-term, durable solution for your javelins, start here.
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Stabbing Tip Sword 151 (3-5-2005)Download the Tutorial (47 kb)
Caeddyn was kind enough to provide a description of how me makes reasonably durable single-sided blue swords using just PVC, blue foam and couch foam as materials. The instructions are not quite as detailed as other tutorials, but if you have any questions for Caeddyn just head over to the Eryndor Forum and ask... a prompt response will be given.

Checking weapons in a proper fashion is one of the most contentious aspects of foamfighting and one of the most challenging if you're new to the game. To alleviate some of the confusion, Eryndor hopes to contribute a number of documents, videos, and models that explain the weapons checking process and how to properly check different weapons, shields, and armors. These documents were used to great success to improve the Ragnarok XXI Weapons Check.

Ragnarok XXI Weapons Checking FAQ
Last Modified: 3-30-2006Download the FAQ (58 kb)

This document was created to answer questions raised by various Dagorhir members regarding ambiguous areas of the weapons check process.

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Ragnarok XXI Weapons Check Process Flow Diagram
Last Modified: 3-30-2006Download the Diagram (19 kb)

This process flow diagram is only important if you are interested in the inner-working of a large scale weapons checking process. If you are new to weapons checking, this is likely to confuse you more than help you. For those of you who have seen the Ragnarok weapons checking process first hand, this diagram should feel familiar (and it may add some insight into how the process works!).

Here are just a few of the common symbols adorning the shields and gear of Eryndor members. The Eryndor symbol carries a universal meaning, while the others have very particular meanings attached to them.

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